Running / education kit

Education kit to motivate children to start running and live a healthy and active life.

Regarding the current issues of overweight and the impact of digital resources on children, I designed an education kit on running. The goal of this kit is to motivate children in the age of 10-11 years to start running and live healthy. The kit contains:
- 25 exercises for warming-up
- 26 jogging routes in the shape of the 26 letters from the alphabet
- an intervalschedule
- tools to set up your own intervalschedule on the jogging route
- a calendar with all the organised kids runs in The Netherlands during the year 2014
The kit is titled 'Klaar voor de Start', which means something like Ready, Set, Go.
The 25 warming-up exercises are shown through icons made with white shoelaces.
The 26 jogging routes in the shape of letters have an average of 3 kilometers and are therefore very suitable for children in the age of 10-11 years. The routes were all found on the map of Zwolle [city in The Netherlands]. Children running on these routes will be introduced to all the districts of Zwolle, because the 26 routes are spread throughout the city. The routes are included in a booklet which also contains a list of four-letter words, so that children are able to run a four-letter word each month when they run one letter a week.
The snail is one of the slowest animals in the world and the cheetah represents one of the most fastest animals. In the intervalschedule I used the cheetah to show when the children should start running and the snail when children are allowed to walk during their route. Children can stick the animals in the ground to set up their own intervalschedule.
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