History of my identity / book

book about the history of my identity as part of a school assignment / 2013

This book includes stories about my aunt and uncle from when they were my age. About their youth, their characters, their lifestyles and religion, major international events from that time and the role of art. The third chapter is my story (and the only one that is printed in color). Could my values, my character, my lifestyle and the way I look at life be linked to this other generation of my family?
About the front cover: the title is build up towards the center to show that I take along certain values, principles and characteristics of my family. Then it's been broken down to show that I leave certain values, principles and characteristics behind because I live in another era where other things matter such as globalization, the digital age and the constant presence of fear. Also, the red letters spell out the name of the author, which in this case would be me.
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